Partner Programs

SASOP collaborates with organizations all over HSU campus and throughout Humboldt County in order to serve our diverse underrepresented student populations. Continue reading for a quick understanding of Partner Programs, or follow the links to learn more about these incredible organizations. 

TRiO Programs & Humboldt State University

TRiO programs are federally funded to support and motivated students from disadvantaged and underrepresented backgrounds. Talent Search, Upward Bound, Gear Up, and Student Support Services (SSS) are all TRiO programs housed at Humboldt State University. Alongside HSU's SSS is the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), a Calfornia State University program that works to increase access, academic excellence, and retention of California's educationally and economically disadvantaged students. EOP's core focuses on student empowerment and resiliency. Humboldt State University's Admissions and Housing Departments also work closely with SASOP to assist in the early outreach, admissions, enrollment, and housing of our students. 

Cultural Centers for Academic Excellence

HSU's Cultural Centers for Academic Excellence (CCAE) are culturally-based support programs designed to provide HSU students with networks that blend cultural, community, and faculty engagement with structured mentoring in order to assist students in reaching their academic and career goals. The centers include the African American Center for Academic Excellence (AACAE), the Latinx Center for Academic Excellence (LCAE), the MultiCultural Center (MCC), and the Native American Center for Academic Excellence (ITEPP). The Indian Natural Resources, Science and Engineering Program (INRSEP) also provides academic and research support services to historically underrepresented students in the sciences. 

Cal-SOAP & Decade of Difference

The California Student Opportunity and Access Program (Cal-SOAP) is a California-wide initiative serving fifteen geographical areas. Cal-SOAP Northcoast serves our area with Academic Tutoring Services and College Access Information. The program is instrumental in improving the flow of information about postsecondary education and financial aid while raising achievement levels of low-income, elementary and secondary school students or geographical regions with documented low-eligibility or college participation rates, and who are the first in their families to attend college.

The Decade of Difference is a ten year community initiative designed to prepare Humboldt County youth to be contributing and productive members in our society, community, and economy. They focus on early literacy, financial literacy, college and career planning, teacher training and development, creative and innovative entrepreneurship activities, and parent, business, and community engagement. 

CSU Resources

Early Assessment Program (EAP) is a collaborative effort among the State Board of Education, the California Department of Education, and the California State University to provide opportunities for students to measure their readiness for college-level English and mathematics in their junior year of high school. EAP also facilitates opportunities for students to improve their skills during their senior year. The goal of EAP is to have California high school graduates enter the California State Universities fully prepared to begin college-level study. CSU Success is another great resource to ensure college-readiness in math and English and to help students make smart academic and financial decisions along their path to a college degree.